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The bottom up (Upward) is the communication between the boss and his subordinates. Communication from the top down (Downward Communication) This type of communication is communication from senior management or may be at the supervisor level. This is a transfer of various information down to subordinates or employees at various levels. In most cases, we will see this form of communication in general organizations. There is clarity in communication to achieve direct results, such as communicating policies, various recommendations, sharing information. And commands to complete tasks or projects through meetings, talks, or even report books.

Employees of one department

This type of communication has the advantage Chile Phone Number List of being clear, punctual and highly productive. That will have a positive effect on the goals of the entire organization. Upward Communication: This type of communication is the opposite of Downward Communication, which is communication from lower level employees to the boss or executive. By communicating in this way, it is not an order or use of power in any way. But it reports various results up to the management level, such as comments, reports, suggestions. statement of ne or even have complaints So that the management level can make appropriate decisions on various matters. . Horizontal Communication Horizontal or horizontal communication is different from vertical communication.

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Where it is communication between B2C Database people at the same level Whether it’s the same department or different departments, different functions as well. It is possible to share information. Issues that arise, suggestions or requests for assistance This type of communication allows for better and faster collaboration between departments. . Diagonal Communication Communication in a zig-zagging pattern that is neither vertical nor horizontal. that everyone in the organization can communicate across departments to each other It is not ti to any chain of command, position or level, which may occur between heads of each department. staff in each department.

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