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Satellite navigation’, ‘alcoholism’ and ‘Basque Country’ in the official languages ​​of the European Union. Before we start working on it, there were 2,000 entries with Irish language labels. These had to be proofread and new Irish labels were to be recommend for.  Theentries that did not contain Irish. That project was complet in November and the new Irish content will appear in EuroVocearly in the new year. Expert Network that we administer to the EU translation community, and now have 23 experts available to answer conceptual and terminological issues.

Ulster and Connaught and Volume

There were plenty of topical terms between Algeria Phone Number List term and in the EU’s terminological work as well: it is possible that the ‘ term of the year ‘ could be christen one of these: person of colour , body declaration , gender , lateral flow test , or acting on behalf of the climate ? We were lucky to have two students with us during the summer who had a particular interest in the mia. Seán Ó Nualláin and Brian Ó Cearbhaill spent a few months creating guide videos about, Terminologue, Meitheal and Meitheal Dú and we post these on the Gaois Youtube channel.

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They are helpful, especially when these B2C Database resources are widely us in classrooms. 100 volumes from the Main Collection of Native Manuscripts were publish this yea. With a great variety to be found in them. As usual, they include lore and the diaries of full-time collectors, but in addition, specifically relating to holy wells . In April 1934, a questionnaire was distribut to national school teachers and they were ask to collect information about holy wells in their school area. The location of the wells has been index and link to Volume 466 relates to Munster.

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