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Because of the different aspects of the project. For example, what terms were missing, it was clear that I still had a lot to learn about dating sites. I learn that the style of singing practic in Ireland a long time ago was very different from the style I was focusing on, and as a result, the same terms were not us among those singing. Almost all the terms that I would use when I was in the middle of a fight were missing. I decid that the techniques were more important than anything else for the most part, and I focus on those specifically as such.

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All the terms I coin can be seen on this Azerbaijan Phone Number List diagram (as well as one or two that were already there) and it can be seen that the ‘techniques’ field is much larger than the other fields. My favorite term is the term ‘defensive latch’. The English version of this term is ‘whizzer’, and the concept is “a technique where a bowler puts his wing over the back of the opponent’s upper arm when his arm is around the bowler’s leg or body, so that he gets the leverage to prevent the attack”. It’s not easy to find an advertisement for any whizzer term, and with a term like this, which doesn’t refer to the action associat.

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With it, I had only two options: to spell the B2C Database word ‘whizzer’ with Irish phonemes – ‘buisear’ or something forc then – or coining a new term that would refer to the action. I chose the second approach, because I didn’t intend to play with Irish phonemes at the time, and because I would have preferr the term to have a competitive advantage too – if you didn’t speak Irish, you wouldn’t understand exactly what what a coach would say to a martial artist.

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