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Get starte now! We help you with PIM and DAM. CONTACT US FOR A CHAT What is a PIM system? PIM system A PIM system makes it easier to handle the company’s information about various products. The system also makes it easier to keep control of eCommerce, print and social meia. The aim of the PIM system is to ensure that the information distribute to the public about various products is precise, concise and of high quality. This also makes it easier for customers to make a good choice when shopping. PIM allows you to manage.

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Delivery information Data relate to sales Product Resources SKU Information about inventory Purchase channels BUCKET When is a PIM system relevant? A PIM system has traditionally been use frequently when there is a nee to store information Germany Phone Number List relate to products, whether it is information about suppliers or product copies. The PIM system is therefore in and other companies that nee to gather product information in one place. Such a system is also perfect for companies that have different SKU codes in their system. With PIM, both the sales department, marketers and those involve in product development can have an easier everyday life. What is a DAM system? With a DAM system.

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You can easily manage resources that are not necessarily relate to products. These can, for example, be digital resources such as images and meta descriptions, as well as other documents. A DAM system is often use by sales and marketing departments B2C Database when information is to be collecte and store in connection with marketing. the brand are adhere to. Images, logos and videos are secure and made available internally. In other words, the DAM system takes care of completely different content than what the PIM system does.

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