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Sportswear, technology R: , make-up, food, video games, hardware, video streaming, retail, automotive. Orange: Beverage industry or business, retail, fitness Yellow (Yellow): Automotive industry or business Retail, Food, Technology, Construction Pink: Industry or business relat to micine. (Piatrics), Cosmetics, Food, Retail Business Which color is suitable for which industry? Source: Apple Number : and what do they want? Have you ever heard that females like purple and males don’t like purple at all? That is another aspect that must be consider when choosing a color.

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Because it has quite a large effect on the psychological Uganda Phone Number List and emotional experience of visiting the website. Most of the time, the color that is popular around the world is blue. % of men like blue, % of women like blue, % of men like blue, % like green, % like black, % like r, and the remaining % like yellow and orange. Grey, brown and white, only % of men like purple. While % of women preferr blue, % lik purple, % lik green, % lik r, % lik black, and the remaining % preferr yellow, orange, gray, brown and white. Obviously, women prefer lighter colors than men. and men like brighter tones than women If it is a group of children, most will like bright colors such as yellow, r, green, blue, orange and purple.

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If they are teenagers, they will like black and B2C Database are more open to different colors than children. For adults over the age of , they don’t really like yellow, but like pink, blue, and green. You see, just age and gender affect color preferences. In fact, it can also be divid by lifestyle and can also be divid by ucation level and career as well. Therefore, choosing colors in website design should also include these factors. Item Choose the right color scheme. Therefore, color selection psychology is not just choosing colors to promote your brand or business.

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