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He then drove the praises home, and he took the praises and their value home with him to his father. ‘That’s good stuff woman!’ said the old Gobán, after hearing the story from the young man… (CBÉS 1047:450-4 ) AT0503 Gifts of the Little People – 215 stories Often in this story, a harpist is walking along a well when he hears ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wnesday’ over and over, and finally he says, ‘and Thursday’. The little people come out of the cross yard angry and think that he has ruin the song for them. They give him a lease and the other man’s harp in the forehead on his own.

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We have creat over 8,000 links between the Georgia Phone Number List stories of the School Collection and the AT Index and there are over 370 types of stories involv. Another story that will perhaps interest the reader, as Halloween approaches, is AT0330A The Blacksmith and the Devil, an old story that includes stories about Liam na Sop and Seán an Laindéir. People will recognize other stories, AT1149 Santainn Páistí Feoil an Gruagaigh, for example, or Fionn sa Cliabhán as he is better known in Ireland, and AT0782 Midas and the Donkey’s Ears, or the story of Lauhráid Loingsigh from this country.

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A list of all the stories is now available B2C Database here . Partners The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and MiaThe Gaois research group and the Placenames Branch , Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Mia, are delight to announce that the first public version of the Placename Application Interface (API) is now available . Logainm API exposes placename data from the Irish Placenames Database ( ) to applications from computer programs. State organisations, student institutions, individual researchers and transnational companies.

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