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CGC there is a description of the size of the corpus as it was at the time – when there were 45,000 files, over 31 million words – as well as the type of tagging and formatting us when compiling the corpus by the Gaois research group. Corpora are compil, or built, in the same way that databases are compil. These verbs are us to describe the process because corpora are not random collections of words; a corpus is evidence of how different aspects of language are us. Corpora are compil so that specific research questions can be answer, and that.

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Gaois research team was mainly focusing on Philippines Phone Number List terminological and lexical questions when the CGC was start to be compil. You can watch the presentation given by Dr Mícheál J. Ó Meachair about this compil work here: In the presentation due to the use of the terms Galltacht and Gaeltacht there is a description of the concepts these two terms refer to in subsets of two major corpora. Those two sub-corpora were compil from periodicals from the 1882-1926 Corpus of the Royal Academy of Ireland (e.g.: An Sguab , An Cladheeamh Soluis , The Irish Nation , Irisleabhar Muighe.

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Nuadhadh , and Lóchrann ) and from B2C Database periodicals from the Corpus na Gaeilge Comhhodeille Gaois (m .sh: Tuarisik , An t’Ultach , Maynooth Magazine , and Comhar). An experimental methodology was us for this research, which was that the two sub-corpora were sampl by extracting a certain amount of samples from each publisher for manual checking. It was necessary to be careful about this and much more Ireland publish by certain groups. The presentation given by Dr Katie Ní Loingsigh from NUI Galway can be seen here: We saw the political change that took place in the country.

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