Therefore Use This Time for Activities

The main thing to note is that if we wake up while sleeping, we will feel extremely tired and lazy.

We may even feel that we haven’t slept yet.

But if we wake up at the end of sleep, we may feel happy, fresh, energetic and we feel like we’ve slept for hours!

So how can we calculate our sleep cycle?

There is an easy way to count our sleep by using a pen, paper and an alarm clock

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Scientists estimate that most people have a 90-minute sleep cycle.

This means that we go through the entire Database sleep cycle from stage 1 to stage 5 in that short period.

Let’s say we want to go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 5am.

How many cycles – 90 minutes – can we complete in that time period?

We will wake up in the middle of the sleep cycle and will feel very tired and sleepy.

If we continue to sleep until 5.30am (another full sleep cycle), we will miss waking up for the morning prayer (or maybe miss the morning prayer itself).

You might think that there is still a full hour before 5.00 am and it would be a shame to waste it.

Therefore, use this time for activities such as Tahajjud prayer, reflection, reading or making plans for our day or week.

However, if we are really sleepy and need to sleep as well without having to risk waking up in the middle of the sleep cycle, I suggest we wake up completely at 4.00 am (just get up and sit on the bed, then go to the toilet).

Then estimate 20-40 minutes for us to sleep but not more than that


Sleeping in this period can ensure ourselves to be B2C Database close to the stage of consciousness in the sleep cycle and waking up when close to 5.00 am will not be difficult.

To help you, maybe these questions give a little enlightenment:

1. Should I add extra time to the beginning of my sleep cycle to make up for the time it takes me to fall asleep?
Some scientists suggest that we add 15 minutes to the beginning of our sleep cycle count to make room for the time it takes us to fall asleep.

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