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Another source of criticism of the Giammattei government was the establishment of the so-call Center of Government , an office run by one of his close associates that supposly monitors the activities of the ministries and the fulfillment of government priorities. This office is not only onerous, but also duplicates the functions of the Vice Presint and the Plann Secretariat. The existence of this entity was add to other exist tensions between the presint and the vice presint, differences that were expos publicly through social networks and that confirm the authoritarian and irascible character of Giammattei.

The first year of government was also

Characteriz by constant changes in the cabinet. Health Minister Hugo Monroy was dismiss in June for mishandl the health crisis caus by covid-; the first Minister of the Interior (who is in charge of public security) resign due to health problems and Turkey Phone Number List the second was forc to resign for hav approv Plann Parenthood’s authorization to work in Guatemala, accus by conservative sectors of promot abortion; the ministers of Agriculture and Labor were dismiss for lack of results; and, the director general of Caminos was dismiss due to accusations of corruption.

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In November Guatemala like Central America

As a whole, was hit by two climatic phenomena storms Eta and Iota, which affect hundrs of thousands of people and caus floods and crop losses. In B2C Database Guatemala, the storms caus aths and affect more than two million people, as well as the imminent worsen of the famine problems that vastate the country. The government response was once again late and insufficient, and aid to the victims initially flow through community donations, private aid, and international cooperation. In these circumstances citizen protests were trigger.

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