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He heard a lot of words to say’ (MacClún 1940, xvi) On the other side of the story, although Holmer did an excellent job on Clare’s Irish, he only marginally look at the Irish of southern Galway to compare that with Clare’s speech. It is not taken because if it were we would be quite familiar with the dialects of those regions: ‘Various forms of Galway Irish are spoken in the northern and northeastern border areas of Co. Clare as well as in certain parishes of Co. Galway, which were in part investigat for the sake of the completeness of this monograph on Clare Irish.

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Holmer 1962, 107–8) Although in 1946 Holmer Hong Kong Phone Number List was working hard on his own major work, when Wagner was surveying for LASID in the south of Galway in 1951 it appears to us that the Irish language had weaken greatly since then, as we can see in the description of the LASID informants for point 26 ( Na Caithríní Beaga and An Ghabhail Rua ) and for point 27 ( Maighlas ). ‘Pt. 26: Careeny near Tubber. None of our informants in this mountain area could speak Irish. We were, however, able to collect a few hundr words and little sentences from them.

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They must have spoken some Irish in their B2C Database childhood.’ (Wagner 1958, xv) ‘Pt. 27: Lough Attorick. Only one speaker has surviv in this desolate mountain area. He was by no means fluent in Irish.’ (Wagner 1958, xv) These examples above show how difficult it becomes to obtain accurate and confirmatory information on the historical developments and minor phonetic points that were widespread in the former Gaelic after the death of the last speakers. In fact, since the loss of the last native speakers in these areas, new language surveys of the living.

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