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With many people conclusion and balance It may cause problems in the campaign together. What’s next? Examples of Brand X Brand Somjai X Netflix “All of Us Are Dead” At this minute, no one probably doesn’t know the Korean series “All of Us Are Dead” or definitely a high school of zombies. Because the market in Thailand is quite strong and when compar to the launch time, it has surpass the strength of Squid Game in just one week on NETFLIX. This real -time event therefore captures the opportunity for the stationery brand “Somjai” at the group.

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The target is the same group as the plot in the Bahamas WhatsApp Number List series, that is, children of school age. Has creat the shop to match the atmosphere of zombie movies and play big like Ratchadalai by bringing zombies to walk in the store. Invite guests in a creative horror way. It can be said that creating a continuous trend for NETFLIX with the series “All of Us Are Dead” and the brand “Somjai” is really satisfying. Somjai x Netflix Source: facebook SomjaiStore Nanyang X Netflix “All of Us Are Dead” “Nanyang” also took him with him when the whole series was only running, running, running, both people and zombies fell off.

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There is nothing more suitable than the legendary B2C Database sneakers like “Nan Yang” , which this collaboration I believe will be lov by many people. Nanyang X All of Us Are Dead Source: facebookNanyangLegend Pipo X M Cone-shap jelly brand, childhood favorite like “Pipo” has creat a buzz by collabing with energy drink brand “M- ” to become “Pipo flavor M- Limit ition” . Neither “Pipo” nor “M- ” are aim at expanding each other’s customer base directly. But it is to create novelty and excitement in the market with current customers of “Pipo” to try the taste of M.

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