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Live chat If you install a HubSpot WordPress plugin, you will be able to provide quick and easy customer service in real time. sales flow. It is even possible to use an automatic chat service when, so that customers can get help at any time of the day. Who complains about 24/7 customer service? Lists and contacts With the HubSpot WordPress plugin, you get one simple database to deal with. Here are all the contacts for your company. You can easily perform analysis of leads, contacts and existing customers in one and the same place. You can also connect contacts to different companies or agreements via CRM.

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Also create practical lists that you can use as a starting point when sending out email campaigns. Analysis tool With the help of the built-in analysis tool in HubSpot, you can get an easy overview of which marketing activities are most effective. and sales Mexico Phone Number List departments. You can also use the analysis tools to see how pop-ups, chat services, forms and email marketing have an impact on your company’s growth. Pop-ups and forms A HubSpot WordPress plugin also gives you the opportunity to create beautiful forms and various popups for the website.

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This only requires a few keystrokes and is a simple process. It is also possible to use forms or popups you already have. How? Yes, HubSpot can be integrate B2C Database with your WordPress popups and forms. Marketing via e-mail With the help of the extension, you will be able to create newsletters and other emails that are sent to the contacts you have in your database. The email marketing tool is easy to use. If you don’t want to create the email from scratch, you can choose from more than 20 ready-made email templates.

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