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The bar-raiser has a great responsibility. He holds the bar and does not allow those people with whom there will be. Mo mutually beneficial cooperation to enter the company. To become a bar-raiser, you nee to observe the work of experience interviewers for a long time and develop your own unique experience. The intensive provides such an opportunity,” — Kateryna Bova, eucation Project Manager . It is clear why bar-raising is a business. And what does the candidate get? Bar-raising is a two-way process. Not only the company chooses the candidate, but also the candidate – the future workplace. At this stage of selection, the specialist can learn as much as possible about the company, its mission and values, and understand whether he shares them.

The interview consists of several blocks

During the conversation, the candidate can also clarify what career opportunities he will have in the company and with which people he will work side Australia Phone Number List by side. Bar-raising is a way to evaluate one’s own experience and knowlege from the outside. Also, get feeback from an expert in your field and understand how to improve your skills. In my opinion, for the candidate at all stages of recruitment, even if the final decision is not in favor of the specialist. How is bar raising? Usually, such an interview follows a standard structure.

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The details and emphasis may vary depending on the candidate and the interviewer. With some, experience is discusse more, with others, they focus on fundamental knowlege, with others, they focus on motivation.: Achievements . – the candidate tells what B2C Database he was responsible for at the previous place of work and what results he was able to achieve. Motivation . It is important whether a person is “burning” for his work, because it depends on how quickly he will move up the career ladder.

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