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There are transcriptsavailable for almost half of the audio recordings as well. tagg, and . In addition, it is possible to filter by date, place and archive reference. of the site’s browsing and search functions is available here . Nora Máirtín Uí Ghoill, Eoghanacht, Arran, in the 1880s. Duchas egabbag3911 The oldest photograph in the collection  taken in the 1880s. A photograph of Nóra Máirtín Uí Ghoill who was from Eoghanacht. The photo collection is from that time to 2019 , and the variety available in all the photos is amazing. Most of the pictures were taken in Arran, but there are quite a few available that.

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Were taken in other parts of Ireland and the odd Poland Phone Number List one in other countries altogether. 900 photos available.  between 1996 and 2020 . A total of 97 records are available and 53 records have been transcrib . , around an hour. There is an eternal richness to be found in all these recordings and they are a pleasure to listen to. The audio database is available here . Clann Uí Iarnáin from Bun Gagla on the occasion of Teresa’s First Communion. (Back, from left) Pete, Máire, Pádraic. (Center, from left) Maggie, Teresa, Bríd, Michael. (Front, from left) Beachlin, Áine, Barbre.

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Iegabbag4118 This new site is the result B2C Database of many months of joint work, but it is building on the work of many years spent by the Enterprising Women of Arran in fostering and preserving community spirit. to celebrate and commemorate was officially launch in Arran itself in January this year on Women’s Day . All the Gaois staff are delight that we had a hand in digitizing this collection and making it available to the Arran community and to life in general. In the presentation about the Corpus of Contemporary Irish.

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