Through tournaments and masterclasses

Challenging project to achieve ambitious results. These goals will strengthen the relationship with new generations and new audiences as well as the social commitment that the company has been building for some time. Care that goes beyond the skin. Women interest in growing in the games industry are encourag to be target without discrimination while using the same virtual channels to engage with young audiences in a proactive and social manner.  and inequality for women in gaming. To achieve this goal it is necessary to generate a strong statement of legitimacy that unites gamers with their key allies.

A campaign to highlight harassment

Great idea we creat in collaboration with. The initiative aims to provide new opportunities and greater visibility for women and other genders in Denmark Phone Number List esports but most importantly create a more inclusive gaming community. We create spaces and provide comfortable in their own skin in the gamer field, maintain a structure that stimulates individual and group activity in a competitive environment, and most importantly, respect through the support of individuality. Figures participants can identify with who break social paradigms and face industry challenges. NIVEA GAME CHANGING STRATEGIES Insights from Nivea research bring powerful content to life in the digital environment. Our manifesto was post during the.

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Tools so that women can feel

League of Legends Latin America Finals Takeover Live Chat. The following day, World Gamer Day we project our manifesto on to publicize our stance B2C Database and actions. Through our documentary series we showcase the stories of representative women. we support their professionalization. Through women’s lectures we create a community. Gamer-influencer inclusion amplifies the message and promotes calls to all events. This is how we make our targets aware that Nivea is part of their ecosystem and our contribution to changing the way the industry thinks through clear actions. NIVEA’S GAME CHANGING IMPACT ON THE.

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