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Nterface UI or , design, which Overall, the design is design to satisfy the reader by making it beautiful at the same time, leading to a good experience. And one of the important things that will help create a good experience for website visitors is the matter of color (Color) . Color plays a very important role, especially in marketing and branding, because color can stimulate the desire to buy more than % more than ever, while also creating confidence. in the body of the brand as well And in this article, I will take readers to know how to choose the right color.

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To maximize the benefits of designing Vietnam Phone Number List a website that has a positive impact on the visitor experience of your brand and business website. What’s next? Item Understand the meaning of colors and website design. Color influences the emotional connection between brands and website visitors. (It may be an interest person or someone who is a customer), which mainly has colors together as follows (but I must emphasize that the subject of color has many psychological interpretations in a variety of contexts. must be assembl But in this article, I will mainly focus on the use of color in website design.

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Meaning of colors in website design Blue B2C Database Blue) Blue is known to help ruce appetite. Which is why food-relat websites don’t use these colors because they’re uncomfortable. Blue is also the most sought-after color among both males and females. Due to nature, many people tend to like blue, including many companies use blue in designing mia and other matters. Blue is a color that represents trust building or confidence building. Yellow Yellow represents playfulness and fun, a bright color that raises the mood and excites customers. But it’s important to remember that yellow is also us as a warning sign.

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