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Critical theory is an orbit of academia that resists the prevailing positivism in academia, but I want it to be an orbit that doesn’t patrol its borders, stays porous and strays from its center all the time, and learns from other kinds of conversations. During the Argentine military dictatorship, a heterogeneous intellectual group promot, from internal and external exile, a renewal of socialist thought ti to democracy as a fundamental value. When the latter was achiev in , his ideas mark the political transition, although the economic crisis frustrat many of his goals. The socialist culture as a response to the dictatorship The Argentine intellectual field of the s could be appli the expression once us by the writer.

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The image, which evokes the idea of ​​expansion, greatness and brilliance, made sense from the transitions to democracy in the Southern Cone. Many intellectuals Romania WhatsApp Number List consider, in this context, that everything was possible. For the essayist Beatriz Sarlo, that was the moment when “Argentina return, but in better shape, to have a future.” To understand that “intellectual optimism” that characteriz the democratic transitions and the ideas that were discuss in those years, it is necessary to refer to the previous defeat. The left, it has been said countless times, had suffer a terrible defeat.

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Ideas and convictions of an important group of intellectuals who had represent themselves as the vanguard of a political movement that was leading them to a better and more egalitarian society. The influences of that decade were vari, but common B2C Database to a whole group of young people in Latin America Marxism was add to dependency theories (often read through Louis Althusser or Antonio Gramsci), The French May, Tlatelolco, the Cordobazo, constitut simultaneous experiences that account for a process of change and transformation of the left, but also.

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