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That is one of the most notable features of the wave of protests that has erupt around the world following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Everywhere, anti-racist movements have been challenging the past by attacking monuments that symbolizGeneral Robert E. Lee of the Conferates in Virginia; Theodore Roosevelt in New York City; Christopher Columbus in many cities in the Unit States; Belgian King Leopold II in Brussels; slave trader ward Colston in Bristol; Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Minister of Finance to Louis XIV and author of the infamous Code noirin France; the father of modern.

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Of fascist colonialism Indro Montanelli, etc. Whether torn down, destroy, paint or graffiti, these statues personify a new dimension of struggle the connection between rights and memory. They highlight the contrast between the status of blacks and postcolonial UAE WhatsApp Number List subjects as stigmatiz and brutaliz minorities, and the symbolic place given in public space to their oppressors; a space that also forms the urban environment of our daily lives. Outbursts of iconoclasm It is well known that revolutions carry an “iconoclastic fury” . Whether spontaneous, like the destruction of Catholic churches, crosses, and relics during the first months.

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The legacy of slavery and colonialism

The Spanish Civil War, or something more carefully plann, like the demolition of the Vendôme column during the Paris Commune, this outburst of iconoclasm shapes any subversion of the establish order. Film director Sergei Eisenstein began October , his masterpiece B2C Database on the Russian Revolution, with footage of a mob toppling a statue of Tsar Alexander III, and in insurgents in Budapest destroy the statue of Stalin. In , as an unwittingly ironic confirmation of this historical rule, US troops stag the toppling of a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, with the complicity of many sympathetic television stations.

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