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Terminology in a time of pandemic’ Irish and Terminology, Dublin. Jamie Murphy, Gearóid Ó Clercín (2022) ‘Assessing term implantation in a minority language using Quirion’s standard research protocol’. LSP 2022: Shaping knowlge through language: LSP in theory and practice, Lisbon. In the School Collection, all kinds of illnesses are describ, and the remies that people had for them. One illness is mention, however, which is only found in a very small corner of the country. In the center and south of Kildare.

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This is call ‘ minor ‘, and it is defin as ‘ type of fever affecting children ‘ in the Irish-English Dictionary. It is a bone disease , and among the symptoms Australia Phone Number List mention are lack of appetite, lack of energy and weight loss. This is how the school teacher in Ballybrunigh explain the illness: One ‘disease’, however, exists here of which I have never heard before. It sounds like ‘min-férárach’ but nobody I have ask can spell it. The patient rapidly loses weight, energy and appetite until the cure is obtain from a woman (Mrs. Sammon) who lives in Kilcullen. ( 777, 24 ) It is clear, in fact, that people, both students and teachers, had difficulties when trying to write this Irish word, which surviv in the local English language.

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Are references to the minor

It is spell as min-férách , mínférách , minarace , minareck , min-aerac , manaereck , minarac and min-yay-ruck in the School Collection and the B2C Database pronunciation I have heard myself from people in Kildare Town is [ˌmɪnˈeːrək]. References are foun in the School Collection to a complaint call ‘ Children’s Fever ‘ in Carlow , Wicklow and Laois . Although it is not reveal what exactly this fever is, the small head is mention as a cure for it. This is a plant that is often mention in detail, as will be seen later.

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