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Had strong opinions about them. When DCU announc that a fund was to be launch to finance research into. Various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it occurr to us in the Gaois research. Group that it would be interesting to address these questions. We put together a proposal that we create a bilingual terminological database in. Which the most technical terms relat to the subject and matters of COVID under discussion would be gather together. This would benefit translators, journalists, ucators and anyone who would like to discuss technical aspects of the pandemic through the mium of Irish. Fortunately, our project, which we call ‘ The Terminology of the Crisis ‘, was accept.

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We are doing the terminological research Cameroon Phone Number List in Terminologue , the terminological management system develop by the Gaois research group and made available online for free in 2019. After filtering various other terminological sources and glossaries we have over 150 We have register a possible entry in Terminologue. We will select the most important of these and will add comprehensive Irish language details – definitions, examples of use and, of course, the Irish terms themselves. The whole will be publish on the Gaois site at the end of the summer. Sample entry from the database Our research questions include.

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Are there Irish terms for all these new B2C Database concepts? We do not think, for example, that there are still Irish versions of the terms ‘ aguesia ‘ and ‘ anosmia ‘ which mean loss of taste and smell respectively and which are now well-known symptoms of COVID-19. In cases like this we will forward a request to the Terminology Committee . Are the versions of Irish us by the public consistent with the versions to be found in the official publications of the State? In certain publications issu by the Health Service Executive (HSE) ‘cocooning’ is being call ‘ cocooning.

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