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Transscribing, it is ​​in the project does not aim at any grand model of calligraphy to transcribe the entire collection. In addition, not only are we dealing with different dialects but we are dealing with different collectors whose handwriting and the conventions they had for spelling the dialects were the same. easy to digitize a heterogeneous New Irish corpus automatically and that it is necessary to approach it carefully and in connection with a dialectological study that describes the minor points of language found there. 2021 was another strange year here in the virtual offices of Gaois.

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Few days were spent on campus, and the Albania Phone Number List vast majority of the work mention below was done on Zoom and via email. Regardless, there was plenty going on, and the year’s work end with a significant event. We host the European Association for Terminology (EAFT) Summit on 25-26 November, with 18 talks and over a hundr people attending on Zoom. Videos of the talks will be publish soon. Versions of Terminologue were made available in 4 new languages ​​during the year: German, Arabic, Croatian and Spanish.

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The entire screen now flows from right B2C Database to left if you change. The language to Arabic (and from left to right in the other languages, of course). It was present at the EAFT Mullingar Meeting, and at other events. For the first time, Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge students work on a terminology project using Terminologue. Some of them focus on cycling terms, and cycling terms; more about that here . From the point of view of the terminology itself , there was plenty going on. We undertook a new terminology project this year, to add Irish to the terms or ‘labels’ of the multilingual thesaurus, EuroVoc. The labels are arrang according to 21 areas of knowlge in EuroVoc from ‘ucation’ to ‘International Relations.

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