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Most basic install and load times still haven’t improv please temporarily disable the plugin and try again. There may or may be indicators that are actually interfering with you. Look for alternatives and measure again when you discover what they are. plugins. After disabling it we increas points in mid so we had to find a lighter weight alternative that would achieve the same effect. Keeping your installation up-to-date usually along with the latest updates for plugins and templates includes load time improvements. 

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Just as you must constantly update your apps on your phone and programs on your computer, you must constantly update your website. In addition Mexico Phone Number List to improving load times, this action will also make the installation more secure. Theme Selection themes online. Free themes can be fast while paid themes can be slow. There is no other option but to install and test them with the above tools. To compare a theme with another you have to lay out the same with the same content and see how it behaves under different measurement tools. Avoid using the visual itor We have already discuss it in the visual itor course.

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Using an itor other than Visualitor will mean adding additional plugins that slow down the network. You can do almost anything at the design level B2C Database using the or itor so we recommend avoiding it. If you have an old website this will be a real drama as you will have to resign everything in the visual itor and transfer it over to Gutenberg.  is a result of the level Spe ​​Improvement Spe ​​Improvement We know it’s a drastic and demanding change but sooner or later you have to do it. How to improve load time using an effective caching strategy If we apply this concept to web pages caching is us to store different pages so that users don’t have to reload them when they ne to use them again. Explain to us that we must use an effective caching strategy.

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