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List Example Item Item Item Item Element Element Unorder List Example Item Item Item Item Item Element Bold and Italic Again they are not search engine relat elements but they help users understand the information. Here’s How to Italicize Text Here’s How to Make Text Bold Good Content Text Text is the foundation of on-page SEO. These texts must contain keywords in specific proportions and respond to the user’s search intent through keywords. Pictures have images just as there is the web. These images have their own tags in search engines.

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Their CTR depends on their quality. Image SEO If you also name your images with keywords and put keywords in tags you will get images on Iceland Phone Number List your page thus appearing in Get a better position in the picture. Keywords Example keywords with links specify a title, description and title to improve image ranking results. Better image positioning also usually means better on-page SEO. Video Video  important as it has been heavily promot by Google in recent years. Not only can you sneak your video into the first page of search results for certain keywords but it can also appear in the video tab and in the search results Video SEO Web Results Video SEO Web Results Page SEO Video Video.

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Tab Result on video SEO Result on video SEO Result on friendly URL is best to use keywords for each page to use short human readable B2C Database ones. parameters if possible. Recommend Best to add new content on the same domain Recommend Not recommend We recommend that you check out friendly permalink formation to learn how to configure them in . Meta Tags Meta Title Meta Title must have up to characters Suggestions include keywords assign to this article or page. Every title should be unique Header page title with keywords Meta description The meta description is us as a short description or summary of the content of the page. Search engines don’t use these types of keywords or phrases in the ranking tags but the meta.

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