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Of these major dialects clash as if two tidal waves and foam from the two. Streams were blowing over each other and flowing down again on the mouths of the people of the territory. In their stories, songs, prayers and poetry. major phonetic differences heard today between. Leath Chuinn and Leath Mogha Irish began more than five hundr years ago (O’Rahilly, 1932: 65–7. Although it is also clear that local phonetic customs flourish since then and that the historical. Developments of certain districts often rest on top of the historical foundations of other areas, Sadly, since the Flannagán was gathering in the south of Galway and in the north of Clare.

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The last native speakers from that area have Indonesia Phone Number List all Irish of the regions has been brought with them. But in the same years that the Commission was collecting folklore throughout Ireland, there were a handful of language scholars who gave the same experience where Flanagan was working, as well as other regions was being collect in Co. Clare, and wrote down accounts and publish studies on the type of Irish spoken there. that we are grateful today for what we understand about how and where the Irish of the Irish of County Clare.

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This picture below presents the information B2C Database available in the major works publish by three of them, ie. Father George McClune (Clare’s Speech ), Nils. M. Holmer ( The Dialects of Co. Clare ) and Heinrich Wagner ( Linguistic Atlas and Survey of Irish Dialects ), together on an illustration of the border regarding the pronunciation of the free verb in the past tense. The example us is that it was hit . This picture shows how we think they came into contact through phonetic habits with each other in County Clare and south Galway. In the south of Clare, especially in the south-west.

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