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Visit the Logainm API documentation for more information.When the COVID-19 pandemic hit us I was studying for a master’s in Translation at DCU. Suddenly, everyone had to make huge changes in terms of work, study and life. All of my classes went online and it was clear to me that I would have to finish my time at DCU through Zoom! I believ I had taken a good step when I manag to get an internship with the Gaois research group early in the freshman year (I admit I’m not usually that organiz!) but the results of the pandemic, the strict lockdown and social distancing, for example, my internship with the group in question.

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Although I want to live in Dublin, it was decid Guatemala Phone Number List to close the campus for the whole summer. Fortunately, however, and despite the outbreak, I was allow to start the internship, but I found out that I would be working from home (from the broom to be honest!). As I finish the university assessments at the end of May I was about to start the internship and it was clear that worthwhile work, and certain challenges, lay ahead of me. My main task while working with the Gaois research group was to use Terminologue to create a database of terms relat to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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It is true that language develops according B2C Database to current affairs and the goal of the COVID-19 database was to identify and collect changes and developments in Irish terminology so that the Gaois research group could publish valuable information for the Irish-speaking community. It also made me happy that we were not the only ones in Ireland who were dealing with this in the context of the pandemic of the year and I was.

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