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At’s relat to keywords as well, for your target audience to see it. When it comes to PPC advertising, it is advertising a business that only pays for clicks on it. We mainly see advertising through Google Search Engine and social mia like Facebook. It will be display on Google in various positions, sure enough. Notice if it’s an ad or not, you’ll see the word Ad at the far left of the search results and at the top of the Google search results and right-hand sidebar. Paid Search has many benefits such as make search results faster generate more quality leads Better measurement.

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Increase brand awareness The budget is not too El Salvador WhatsApp Number List high. For this article, I may not focus on the details of Paid Search, PPC or PPV , but will focus on the metrics (Metrics) that must be known and should be us for using Paid Search strategies , with The main indicators are as follows: Important Metrics to Measure Paid Search Results Measurement is very important for digital marketing, especially when you buy ads (Paid Search) with the aim of getting that target audience to come back to visit your website as much as possible.

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The three metrics are Traffic Metrics, Conversion B2C Database Metrics , and Efficiency Metrics . Now, let’s take a closer look at each metric. . cross -selling or up-selling because customers are always aiming for the best price. until sometimes it may not focus on any necessity at all This group of customers will rarely have loyalty to a particular brand or product. because tracking the price is important And what you can do is try to offer value or add value (Value Add) by having to explain to customers to understand until they accept it.

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