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When a customer has purchas before but hasn’t purchas in a while, you should send a coupon to get them to come back and buy again. With Klaviyo, you can easily implement what is call a discount ladder . The discount ladder is where discounts offer bas on inactivity increase . For example, if the customer has not purchas days – send them a coupon days – send them a coupon days – send them a coupon Post-purchase process Klaviyo Mail Order After customers buy from your store, your goal is to get them to promote your brand and shop again.

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Ask your customers to take in the post-purchase sequence . Ask for Reviews – More product reviews lead to more social proof and higher conversion rates Ask for social sharing – ask customers to take pictures of your products and share them Benin WhatsApp Number List on social mia Cross-selling products – recommending complementary products to customers bas on what they purchas Fill out a survey – Ask customers to fill out a short survey to better understand their nes Welcome Process Klaviyo Welcome Series Your welcome line should be us to warm your customers and familiarize them with your brand. When converting a sale, it usually takes – touchpoints to get a customer to buy.

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To keep visitors coming back to your site over and over until they’re ready to buy. Once again, Klaviyo allows you to “conditional coupons” bas on whether or not a customer has purchas . For example, I’ll only send coupon emails in the welcome series if the B2C Database visitor hasn’t purchas yet . Pro Klaviyo provides in-depth analysis claviejo reports Klaviyo’s reporting engine is so powerful that you can use Klaviyo directly instead of Google Analytics or your own shopping cart backend. Happily, Klaviyo appends a dollar value to every email you send, so you can instantly know the value of each campaign.

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