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Where the Galway stress is normal, such a typical Clare (or Munster Irish) trait as the pronunciation of a hard g in the terminations -( a ) idh and – ( a ) igh distinguishes the dialect from the ordinary Galway Irish. The same peculiarity characterizes the Gort area (parishes of Beagh , etc.), which geographically is in Co. Galway.’ (Holmer 1962, 5) It is a little further north of Gort, in Bally Uí Anin , that Flanagan wrote down an example of a beast (CBÉ LS 455, p. 316) from another speaker. On the Dúros Peninsula, the pronunciation ˈkalnɑi is probably what Flannagan meant when he wrote down the Kalnáin in the nominative.

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Plural from a speaker from Páirc Mór (CBÉ LS 455, p. 128), which would match the description which Holmer gave the two pronunciations he had heard Malaysia Phone Number List of the expression fine clothes on Fíonaigh Beara , the next peninsula over the border in Co. Clare (Holmer 1962, 113), that is. kǝl´ǝhǝ br´a: ˈe:di: and kǝl´ǝhǝ br´a: ˈe:dǝboth ( clothes and clothes’ ). For this reason, Flannagán gives the spelling culáhíada to give us the pronunciation of a garment in a transcription from Beithigh , in southern Galicia (CBÉ LS 354, p. 197.

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English versions of the place

It is clear from the above that this was a rich and B2C Database interesting area from the point of view of the dialects of Irish at one time, that any dialectologist would have trouble describing the variety and variety of language forms found there. As this is a marginal region between two major dialects, it is not surprising that we have many examples of supercorrection and supercanonism from linguistic surveys and of course in the Flanagan manuscripts. In short, overcanonism occurs when two phonetic systems collide and when.

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