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Brown an tea na garráire , and a small white hea is also foun in the dictionary of Dunnínnín. They are the cephalopod and kidney of traditionboth versions available in term.ie. Drawing of the plant prunella vulgaris small head self-heal. Interestingly, the small white-head version was us in Diarmada Hermitage . Here it is shown that the small hea was us as a test an remy for the complaint. The “Canabhán beag  is the name of the herb us to cure.

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Min-aerac a kind of Run down” Condition in Brazil Phone Number List children (really anemia). The herb is pull by old Mrs. Byrne, Barnhill or by Mrs Hickey (formerly by old Peggy Hoey. If the herb effervesces when treat, it indicates. That the child is a victim of min-aerach, if it does no. She is not suffering from that disease. The patient has the herb rubb on her hands & feet for nine days, while certain prayers are recit, when she or he is cur. ( 782, 80 ) It is clear from what the teacher in the Boys’ School in Kildare wrote, that the local healer in that area kept the cure a secret. A doctor manag to reveal the secret, but the cure would not work for him.

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To cure it the child is given some liquid B2C Database to drink.  And some form of prayer is said by the quack. The third dose usually completes the cure. The period of cure takes about a fortnight. The secret is closely guard, but one doctor who has told me he discover the herb, which he call the “cure all”, made up the dope but his manufacture would not cure. ( 780, 176 ). in the School Collection gives us a very interesting insight into the minor differences available in different areas from the end of of the culture of the people.

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