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The rondage system and the liability suit each other well as farming practices because. As much benefit as possible was extract from the land, especially in places where good arable land was scarce. With the arrival of the landlords in Ireland from the 16th century onwards. The system of rondall fell into disrepair throughout the country. The system last longer in North West Tyrone, however, than in most of the. Country due to the determination and determination of the local people to keep the system engag.

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This means that there are a number of placenames in the Minor Placenames collection of Glenath District, Co. Donegal in which there Belarus Phone Number List is a trace of liability. Micí Mac Gabhann (author of the book Rotha mór an Saoil ) us the term ‘roinn cuivhrinn’ for the rondál system and the word ‘cuivhrinn’ is often us as an item in park names.  the research carri out in Glenath, nine minor local names were found which contain ‘allotment’ as an item; Under the Big Tree Allotment , Under the Grove Allotment , Above the Park Allotment , Fargan Allotment .

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Wet Wet Allotment , Poca Beag Allotment , Long Extension Allotment , Lake Allotment , and Black Allotment . ‘ Mín ‘ is another item B2C Database that is closely relat to responsibility and although the word is found as part of place names throughout the country, there is a very significant concentration of the item in place names in the North West and Tír Conaill in particular. This word refers to a mountain pasture in the place names and it is not surprising that it is us as an item that refers to the fields themselves. Seven placenames have been found in the Glenatha District in which ‘min.

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