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In the future And ne to know. Frequency How often the customer purchases a product or service. frequency frequency of using products or services of customers What is the customer’s feback after purchasing the product or service? By measuring that score, it can be done by doing questionnaires in various forms. And it will show the pain points of existing customers compar to the period after purchasing your product or service that the pain points have decreas or not. . Referral Score The Net Promoter Score has become one of the customer’s success indicators. obtain from using your product or service, which reflects how good the customer feels about himself.

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That results in a good experience and repea Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List purchases in the future. This metric can be achiev by conducting both online and offline questionnaires. Rating Scale (e.g. from highest to lowest ) Likert Scale (e.g. strongly agree agree somewhat agree disagree strongly disagree ) Surveys from customers’ use of products and services will reflect that. What are the chances that customers will recommend this product to others in the future? This is the success of marketing without having to use a large marketing budget like in the past. . Qualitative customer survey results Collecting research data is usually divid into types: quantitative research.

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Quantitative Research) and Qualitative B2C Database Research (Qualitative Research) . If you want to measure the opinions of customers in detail, you ne to use Qualitative Feback to reflect what customers are talking about. How is your brandbusiness productservice? What do they like about your product or service? What is it that they don’t like? These metrics will help you maintain a long-term relationship with your customers. However, I did not say that quantitative research (Quantitative Research) is not suitable for measurement.

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