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Account and they’ll take care of the rest. Jeremy makes weekly adjustments to my account, which I would never do, which reassures me that my bid is the best. As long as you trust your account manager to do a great job, you don’t ne to worry about advertising. Disadvantages of Using an Amazon Advertising Agency The main disadvantage of using a proxy is the cost. If they don’t significantly boost your sales, you could end up losing money overall. Also, if you have the knowlge to run your own ads, no one will know your products and keywords like you do.

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Some keyword decisions that were inconsistent with what I would do when running my own campaigns. However, I’ve been advertising on Bumblebee Linens for over a decade and I pretty much know what works. I also confirm that my account manager Algeria WhatsApp Number List Jeremy is inde a US citizen and not a low paid entry level contractor from India or the Philippines ) Should You Rent Your Amazon Advertising? If you’re selling enough on Amazon and you’d rather focus your energy on product development than advertising , the answer is simple. Pay people to run your ads! However, if you have the time and want to learn Amazon Advertising, then try it out for yourself first.

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An agency, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and be able to detect whether your agency is doing a good job. Overall, I’ve been happy with Seller B2C Database Labs for the past months and I recommend using them. Click here to try Seller Labs Manag Services I like powerful quotes because they give you a specific perspective that you may not have consider before . But once they resonate with you, they can completely change your outlook on life.

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