Every that will represent your company

The basis is a strong brand. Brand in the e-commerce business is literally everyth that customers have to deal with: company name, logo, color palette, communication method. Your brand must be inextricably link to your company and the expectations of your target group. Specify the color scheme The color in the logo and the entire market color scheme is of great importance for the image and largely affects the perception of the brand. Individual colors and their combinations affect our subconscious and evoke certain emotions and associations.

The colors should be directly relat to

Conscious, consistent use of the select colors will increase the value of your brand. Start by play with colors and create your own color palette. your products, e.g. blue and green will be perfect for eco-friendly water bottles.  such as the Wix logo Australia Phone Number List maker . Keep in mind that simple shapes and clear typography work best . even when it is display in a very small format, for example on a small social mia icon or on packag. Define the style of the brand Another important aspect is the style of your brand – the way you communicate with users, the language you use in your market materials.

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The logo should be instantly recognizable

Keep your style consistent across all communications: product descriptions, social mia posts, and customer emails. Ask yourself: Who are my customers? What type of message will be appropriate? What style of language are they us to? Should the lyrics be B2C Database light and fun or rather official and serious? After determin the color palette of the brand, design the logo and establish the style of communication, consistently use the chosen style.  must be visually and luistically consistent, includ: Websites Customer emails Invoices Product packag shipp materials Market campaignsLand page – what is it and how to create a land page creat land pages.

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