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Such a rubric is objectively difficult to produce. There are many stages of coordination, different participants, and there is always the “hero has merg” factor. Therefore, there is no way to part here. times a month is probably the limit, unless you have a cheat co for money and team hours. I will just give an example of step-by-step actions for short vio interviews, if sudnly I want to do this content format It is unlikely that the team will be able to stretch for a long time It looks long, expensive and complicat. This should always be taken into account when sketch ias.

Then they will have to be implement

Lets move on to the two most interest sections of the rubricator. WHY IT WORKS An SMM strategy is always a set of hypotheses and theories. The likelihood that they will work directly pends on the preparatory work in the analysis of the Germany Phone Number List audience, in unrstand its nes and the clients business. But it still remains a hypothesis. To increase the likelihood of success, it is good to immiately prescribe the prerequisites for the success of the rubric. Ill show you with an example The stories of big businessmen are told every day, but they are like a fairy tale.

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MB stories remain behind the scenes

While in each such story our subscriber can recognize himself and share his experience. In short, this is it. Dur the analysis of competitors and the target audience of the bank, I found that there was no local content for SMEs at all the client is not from B2C Database Russia. At the same time, the mand for real stories was huge, judg by the comments from business bloggers. Entrepreneurs shar their stories, found support in each other and network. In my opinion, the picture lines up perfectly. But the last point is miss, the interest of the audience itself to participate in the rubric. Audience benefits . In this case, I prescrib the benefits for the participants of the posts themselves, that is, the heroes a minute of fame.

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